Mindy Kaling Had the Perfect Response to Being Called a 'Hot Mess'

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Mindy Kaling is forever our spirit animal, and this latest example of her awesomeness confirms she is an actual queen.

We are loyal fans of The Mindy Project, love to see what Mindy posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and know that she's a serious fashionista (love her style). One website, however, was pretty horrible about one of Mindy's recent fashion choices, dubbing her a "hot mess" after she wore a pink and floral outfit to an event.

GossipGirl.com described Mindy as "one of those 'woman of the people' types who basics find soooooo hilars," going on to slam the various shades of pink she wore, noting: "She's dressed like a second grade teacher with that silly floral blouse and country-club wannabe tweed skirt. Her earrings don't go, her shoes are utterly forgettable and even her nail polish clashes."

When the site tweeted a link to the article, writing: "Word to the wise: Do NOT take @mindykaling's fashion advice!," she responded: "‪@gossipgirl‪ whoa, u guys are d**ks."


Mindy wore the outfit for an FYC Q&A with Mindy Project costume designer Salvador Perez at Neiman Marcus last week. According to Variety, Mindy commented during the event, "Magazines and articles and people will say, 'You can't wear this if you have this body type, you can't wear light colors, you can't wear pastels, you can't wear mini skirts, you can't wear horizontal stripes."

She added, "It's a challenge. I'll say, 'Sal, take this thing that people say that people with my body type can't do, and we're going to f**king do it.' Because I don't like to be told I can't do things like that."

We love that Mindy takes fashion risks, has loads of confidence...and clearly doesn't take crap from anyone.
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