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I Say We Shut Up the Use of 'Shut Up'

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I do not believe in saying "shut up" anymore. You hear someone get told to shut up, and you just see her face break. I now believe it's emotional abuse.

It's just that "shut up" sounds so demanding. "Shut up" sounds like, "You'd better stop talking before I make you stop talking." Hushing and shushing are sounds of concentration, and there are ways to ask somebody to speak quietly if you have a headache. I, myself, have to do that often.

But the past few times I've slipped up and told somebody to shut up, I watched that broken look cross her face, and I knew my mistake. Hitting someone isn't the only way to abuse a person, and neither is name-calling. Sexual abuse is the worst kind in my opinion, and manipulative abuse is the most subtle there is. But telling a person to shut up is taking her speech away, taking her freedom away. You are abusing them by doing this?

That's why I think we should eradicate the words "shut up" once and for all.
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