This Girl Just Took the Most Epic Tumble Ever

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Posted by SoFloAntonio on Sunday, June 7, 2015
When a video on the internet starts out with someone saying "Don't fall" you KNOW someone is about to eat it and you know it's gonna be a GOOD fall because it wouldn't have gone viral if it wasn't.

In this "Don't fall" fall video, Annie and her friends are on a Spring Break cruise. Everyone knows cruise ships have the best stairwells because they're all zig-zaggy and stuff and...what better place to slide down a stair rail?

Unfortunately, this girl's zig-zag stair rail slide took the worst turn ever when she fell BACKWARDS from one zig onto the zag behind her.

"We were at a club in the cruise ship called Dazzles - it's like an oldies club - and we went to the bathroom then decided to go 'railing surfing' back down there and I basically did a backflip and landed on the same railing on the flight of stairs below me," Annie told BuzzFeed Life.

And yes, just in case you're wondering, she was completely sober...

When she stood up and felt good enough to go back to the club and dance (with just a busted lip), she thought she got off really lucky, but as it turned out, she actually had a broken rib, which was discovered a few days later when she got back to shore.

"There was only one day left on the trip, and I didn't want to stay in bed all night so I went out again even though it hurt like crazy to move or breathe," she told them. "When we got back to land, it was a 12-hour drive to the hospital because of traffic, but I ended up getting an X-ray and turns out I broke my rib!"

We didn't think anyone could upstage Madonna, but our girl Annie is giving her a run for her money!

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