Jennette McCurdy Says That Ariana Grande Feud Was 'Blown Out of Proportion'

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Jennette Mccurdy has addressed that rumored feud between her and Ariana Grande in the past - and, it turns out it wasn't that big of a deal. She explained recently to HuffPost Live that the beef between her and Ari was "blown out of proportion."

Jennette noted that "growing up in the kids television space is such a unique experience," calling it "bizarre" and explaining that since "it's a really unique dimension of entertainment," it's best to band together with the people you're in it with.

Her feud with Ariana is behind them, but she explained, "I think people kind of look for drama and look for a story and perpetuate that story because it's easier to make a headline out of something negative than something positive sometimes."

Jennette added, "Drama fuels the world, I think, in a lot of, yeah, I think it was definitely blown out of proportion."

Jennette also shared that she thinks kids should look up to real people as role models, explaining, "I certainly appreciate people who look up to me and everything, but I'm 22. I make mistakes all the time." She talked about Miley Cyrus as well, saying, "I applaud Miley in a lot of ways."

Jennette explained, "I don't know her personally - I've met her at a few events, and she's always very kind. She seems like she's really happy with what she's doing, and I think that's amazing."
Jennette McCurdy Says Her Feud With Ariana Grande Was 'Overblown'

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