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Mark Ruffalo Reveals the Script That Touched Him the Most

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When Kathryn Luttner, Cambio's Col[lab] manager, gave me the chance of asking one question about anything to one of my favorite celebrities, I had a hard time trying to think of questions. Brainstorming became harder when I saw Mark Ruffalo's name on the list!

I've always loved Mark and every single one of his movies, although I am still trying to catch up on a few of them. He is, in my opinion, an incredible actor and very versatile. With interest in knowing more about his personal opinion on his films, I asked him a simple question: Which movie touched you the most from the moment that you read the script?

Mark's answer didn't surprise me in part. He was doing the AOL BUILD to promote his new flick, Infinitely Polar Bear. It focuses on a bipolar father of two who has to change his life, and in part, try to surpass his condition in order to move in with his daughters and care for them while his wife attends Columbia University. Because of this, I had a hunch that Mark would say this script touched him the most.

But the surprising thing that I did not know was that he has family who suffers from bipolar disorder, so that's why this script was so personally raw and touching to him.

Watch Mark's full response in this video:
Mark Ruffalo Talks About His Favorite Script
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