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I Support the Troops and Caitlyn Jenner

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I am all for supporting the American military. Kudos and thank you for fighting for the states. I am simply getting frustrated beyond the horizon with all these people who think that if I don't support the military, I am a bigot or something! We are not allowed to have heroes like Caitlyn Jenner or anyone like her, because supposedly, the only people who are heroes are those who don a uniform.

All these pictures are showing up on my Facebook newsfeed saying that Caitlyn isn't a hero and what not. Granted I won't be watching her new show, but she is still a hero to a lot of people in the community. Just because one doesn't "approve" of her, doesn't mean that anyone has the right to take away what she's achieved for the LGBTQ community.

I see this kind of thing on a regular basis:
Caitlyn Jenner heroI've met plenty of recruits and officers in my day. I lived next to a military base in San Diego, and I currently live four hours away from one as well. I had to deal - my whole school year - with these jerks who think that because they enlisted early, they should be treated as gods. No! I've seen some of the heinous things that U.S. soldiers have done, and I don't think I'll be idolizing that any time soon.

I am tired of being told that because I don't stop to say the (somewhat cultish) Pledge of Allegiance every day and because I don't thank every soldier I see that I need to start being humble and gracious for my "freedom." Not everything is about America. We've got our bumps and bruises (pretty bad ones), so I don't think we should be showing this elitism that we do.

Just because you are an American doesn't mean you're at the top of the food chain. We used to have the most booming economy. We used to be the safe haven for all immigrants. But how can we continue to be that way when we have 1 out of 3 or so people saying that we shouldn't allow people in our borders, or that we shouldn't tax the 1 percent so much? It's hypocrisy, honestly.

Don't inflict your heroes, beliefs or opinions on other people, please. Everyone is entitled to have their own and express it ... to a point. Just because it's not your perspective or opinion, doesn't mean that it's wrong. I love a good debate over politics and what not, but when it comes to people who are so close minded about everything else except their own opinion, there won't be much to debate.

Let's just all be nice and realize that some people love America, and some people can't wait to move to France. It's not for everyone, but just because it isn't, doesn't mean they're apart of ISIS or the Taliban. (I saw this on my newsfeed and almost puked when someone said it.)

One day I wish where I can live in a country that isn't ALWAYS at war. #EndRant
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