When Your Phone Is Basically Your BFF

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In the year 2015, handheld electronics, AKA smart phones, have become our BFFs. Literally, we could be watching a movie with our human BFFs, baking cookies with our human BFFs, in the park walking a dog really cute dog with our human BFFs or even braiding our human BFF's hair, and our smallest friend will still be attached to our hip, er-- our hand, and be the focus of our attention.

Just like the human kinds, though, our phone friends tend to cause a whooole lot of drama. We wish we could read their minds to know when they're going to decide to die before even reaching 1%. Or when the Facebook app is going to unexpectedly crash and only upload half of our PFLN (rude AF btw, Facebook app). Or when the emoji we want to use when texting our crush is not in the "Frequently Used" front section and we have to search for it prompting our crush to think we are overthinking and obsessing over what we are about to say to him. Which we never are, boys.

Phone BFFs, we love you, but please learn to be better.


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