Barbie Finally Bought a Pair of Flats

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It's all about the details when you're trying to Find Your Style! #BeSuper

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You know that feeling you get after a long night out, when you finally kick your heels off? Those deathtrap stilettos angrily blast across the room, and your feet joyfully regain circulation. And that's just after a few hours!

Crank up that stiletto usage to 50 years - straight - and you may begin to understand the relief Barbie is feeling right now. After a lifetime tottering around in high heels, the doctor, teacher, horseback rider, model and everything-else-under-the-sun, is finally able to go about her business in flats.

#Barbie #BeSuper

A photo posted by Barbie (@barbie) on

Mattel's 'Fashionistas' line of Barbies have adjustable ankles, which can slip into a pair of T-strap flats or Adidas-like sneaks just as easily as a set of sky-high stilettos. The dolls reflect real-life street styles young girls actually see on the sidewalks around them.

(You mean female doctors aren't rushing through the E.R. in pointy white pumps?)

There are 23 versions of the doll with 14 facial structures, including 18 eye colors, eight skin tones, 22 hair styles and 23 colors.

The move shifts the style-centered doll into a more realistic model for the girls who play with her. Though her body proportions might have a ways to go, and she'll probably be off the guest list at Cannes, we think Barbie is certainly getting off on the right foot.


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