This $6 Beauty Line Proves You Can Be Flawless on the Cheap

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It's no surprise that girls are starting to pay attention to the ingredients in their beauty products. With so many harmful additives out there, we have to celebrate whenever we find a product that is not only free of unnatural ingredients, but also doesn't test on animals! We already love the cruelty-free and ridiculously affordable e.l.f. brand for their $1 eyeliners and lipsticks, and now, we're hip to another line of beauty products that are full of healthy ingredients - and also won't break your bank.

Karelen is a Florida-based company that prides itself on making inexpensive beauty products free from glycols, parabens, mineral oils and petrolatum, and they never test on animals. It just launched a new beauty line with some serious smell-good skin and hair products. I took the plunge and tried out a few of these products to see if they can live up to the cult-like hype that e.l.f. has with its makeup. There are not a lot of other affordable beauty lines out there that follow the same quality standards as Karelen (believe me, I've looked), so here's a roundup of some of my favorites.

Body Butter

karelen aloe product lotion
This is by far my favorite product. The pump-in-jar feature is pretty clever and easy to use, and the lotion instantly made a recent sunburn I experienced feel about a million times better. The Aloe There scent was my favorite with a sweet finish that made me smell pretty darn good for the day. And for $6, you get a generous 12-oz. size. I keep this on my desk at work now for maximum use.

Bath & Shower Gel

karelen body bath shower gel
The Luscious Coconut Bath & Shower Gel ($6) is especially rad, though it doesn't lather up as well as a cream-based body wash. The smell makes up for it (trust me). The results make you feel squeaky clean.

Shampoo + Conditioner

karelen conditioner and shampoo
While the shampoo is a little on the thin side, when paired with the conditioner, this combo ($9 each) is great for all hair types. None of them made my hair feel heavy, which is a feat because I have crazy thick/colored hair. And the smell lasts through the next day, which is also a nice surprise.

Hair Masque

karelen avocado hair masque
Putting avocados in my hair was never on my radar, but the So Avocado-Liscious Hair Masque ($13) was a pretty fun thing to try. I have dyed hair, and this masque did a good job of making my locks feel less dry afterward. The scent isn't strong, so you won't be smelling like a California club sandwich for the rest of the day - in case you were worried.


karelen hair spray spritz detangler
My hair is thick. Really thick. Detangling products are always on my must-have list. The Aloe There! Detangler ($13) worked really well. I was able to get a comb through my dense mane with no issues, and for an added shine, I topped off with their Tea Tree Spritz ($11), which is good if you have dull or damaged hair.

Dry Oil

karelin dry oils for hair and body
This stuff is rad, y'all. It's a light oil infused with the oils of each main ingredient (like carrots and shea butter). It gives your hair and body a gentle glow, but doesn't go on filmy or thick like a lot of oils tend to. My fave is the Shea Your Way ($6) - it is soothing after a day at the beach.


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