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The graduating class of 2015 is really killing it with their yearbook quotes - they're making me wish I could go back in time and come up with something nearly as clever. There are so many ways you can make a yearbook quote stand out, but these four girls have really outdone themselves. Not only are their yearbook quotes funny and super sassy, they also remind us of social issues facing not only teens, but the entire world. Check out what each student had to say in their yearbooks that made their quote go completely viral:

1. Caitlyn Cannon, The LGBT Feminist

I want to high-five this high school senior so badly right now - she has officially made so many Ferris Bueller and Eleanor Roosevelt quotes look just so "been there, done that." Caitlyn Cannon of Oak Hills High School in California chose a quote that both spoke to her and highlighted a women's rights issue. Here's the epic quote:

Caitlyn, who identifies as "really gay" on her Twitter bio, is referencing the often-cited gender wage gap, which shows that, statistically, women make about three quarters of what men do overall. Caitlyn jokes that she'll never be able to find a woman as wealthy as a man because of it. She's also poking fun at certain women who claim that they "don't need feminism" because they're planning on just marrying rich, which is awful on pretty much every level. I wish I was that clever when I was in high school.

2. Fatima Abdel-Gwad, The Harry Potter Fan

Harry Potter quotes aren't anything new in the yearbook game, but 17-year-old senior Fatima Abdel-Gwad totally flipped the script with this amazing Harry Potter inspired quote. It'll definitely make you think of more than just Hogwarts.

Here's what Fatima wrote in her yearbook, which went viral after she shared it on her Tumblr account:

I hate having to explain to everyone why I wear a hijab, but if everyone must know: Voldemort has possessed me and his face is living on the back of my head.

The Harry Potter fan is referencing the moment when it is revealed that Quirinus Quirrell has been sharing his body with He Who Must Not Be Named, but she's also commenting on how people are less than sensitive when asking about her hijab, which she wears as a practicing Muslim. As we all know, people aren't always so polite when asking about something that they perceive as different, and from Fatima's yearbook quote it seems that she's gotten questions about what's up with her hijab too many times to count.

There's always a polite way to ask someone about their cultural background, and hopefully Fatima's quote reminds people to use tact when asking someone about their culture or religion... not to mention remind us that, no matter how different we are, we all love Harry Potter.

3. Chloe Cross, The Dress Code Crusader

Every day I seem to find another story of a ridiculous dress code standard imposed by schools that applies exclusively to the female population. The standards of dress for young women are worthy of some major Liz Lemon-esque eye roll action all on their own (really, what's so terrible about spaghetti straps?!) but the reasoning behind them is even worse. Girls who show their body are labeled a "distraction" to their other students, specifically boys who apparently can't help but stare at their classmates. Student Chloe Cross of San Mateo High School in California knows how ridiculous this idea is, and even called out her school's dress code in her epic yearbook quote.


A photo posted by Chloë Niccole (@chloe_niccole) on

Pretty amazing, right? Chloe, who describes herself on social media as a "model/actress," already has over 1,300 likes on her Instagram picture of the yearbook quote, which is going viral for all the right reasons. Hopefully her sassy quote will remind everyone that it's never okay to police young women's bodies, especially for something as sexist as saying that their bodies will be a "distraction" for male students.

4. Rafika Alami, The Confidence Queen

Like Fatima, Rafika Alami also wears a hijab, a head scarf worn by some Muslim women. Rafika wears her hijab for religious and cultural purposes, but maybe there's another reason, too — at least, that's what she joked about for her yearbook quote. Here's what Rafika put underneath her senior portrait, which featured her wearing her hijab:

Apparently Rafika's hair is so magical that she can't not cover it up — it would be a huge distraction for the rest of her classmates that her fellow ladies wouldn't even get looked at. I also imagine that the reason for Rafika's quote was because people do ask her about her hijab pretty frequently, and it can't be fun to constantly field answers about something so personal. This is the perfect confident and sassy response to shut down the questions while still making us chuckle. I know you graduated, Rafika, but you've officially earned your final A+ for this quote.


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