Kim Kardashian Is in No Mood for the Paparazzi Right Now

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Kim Kardashian, track star!

The 34-year-old is used to the paparazzi following her every move, but it's getting kind of old and she's fully admitted that you don't mess with a pregnant Kimmie!

Unfortunately, the paparazzi don't care and they want pictures of Kim and her itty bitty baby bump, so they're still hot on her trail. In this instance, they were ready and waiting for her when she came out of Anastasia beauty studio in Beverly Hills.

We have to give Kim credit, she was wearing a really tight dress and high heels - those have got to be a good 4-inches, no? - and she still managed to (sorta) run away from them.

Kim did a half-jog kind of thing and then when she got out into the street and there were more paps waiting for her there, she let 'em have it because they wouldn't leave her, or her car, alone.

You tell 'em, Keeks!

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