You Won't Believe How Much This Girl Makes Impersonating Taylor Swift

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Do you look like Taylor Swift? If so, then you need to be like this girl and make some cash of that!

A T-Swift fan named Rose Nicholas from England totally is Tay's twin, and makes atleast $600 a gig because of it. After getting recognized for her T-Swift look when she was just 17, she realized she could take her similarities to another level and make some cash-flow off her face.

Rose is often stopped on the streets by Swifties hoping to get a picture with her. She has even fooled the paparazzi into thinking she was the real Tay Tay.

"People refused to believe me when I said I wasn't Taylor Swift," the impersonator recalled about a trip to New York.

"I was bombarded by groups of tourists desperate to get a photo or video. It was overwhelming. The next day, I found all sorts of photos popping up of me on social media mistaking me for the real Taylor Swift in Times Square!"

Rose isn't the only Tay fan to get mistaken as Taylor. There's another T-swift doppelganger floating around in Arizona. Read about her, here.
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