Guy Falls Asleep at Work, Becomes Awesome Meme

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This ad agency employee had stayed up a little too late the night before watching the NBA playoffs, which lasted until 4am local time in Iceland. Obviously, he was tired the next day at work, so he went over to the office couch to score a quick power nap. When he woke up, he was an internet meme.

His co-workers showed put their creativity on full display and shared these memes they made on the agency's Facebook page.

But wait, it gets better...they then threw him into this sauna scene to turn what would have been a relaxing situation into the most awkward thing ever.

Then, he visited the old Friends set, because if you're gonna take a nap on a couch, why not snooze on arguably THE most famous couch ever?

And, of course, they HAD to throw him on the Sleeping Beauty cover.

The takeaway? If you're gonna try to score some Zzz's at work, just do it quietly at your desk.

(h/t BuzzFeed)
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