Kanye West Defends North's Name, Says He's "Boring" Now

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News Flash: Kanye West doesn't care what you or I or anybody else thinks of his daughter North West's name.

During a Hot 97 radio show, 'Ye called in to do some serious rumor control about the whole story where people said he kicked some kids out of Chuck E. Cheese. More on that later, but spoiler alert: He didn't.

Of course, the only reason he would have been in Chuck E. Cheese would have been with daughter North - as if they could do something so regular without getting mobbed - and that brought the convo to the adorable 2-year-old.
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"Ya'll be calling my daughter's name weird, like her name should be like some name that you've heard before and all that," he explained. "I don't like to say that's weird when something is innovative and fresh."

He's got a good point there.

North has also changed her dad's life in the most amazing way. He jokes that he's totally boring now because he's just being dad.

"I'm completely boring, actually. I don't wanna kill the blogs and the media takeout and everything, I'm so boring...I'm not at the club... I'm never at 1OAK... I'm never gonna be nowhere," he explained. So, where is he? The studio and with his family. "I gotta focus on the kids. I gotta take 'em to tap class, and you know, all type of gym class, where they do all types of swings," he continued.

Speaking of kids, back to the whole Chuck E. Cheese thing. 'Ye cleared up two rumors during the call and the first one was about that whole kicking kids out of Chuck E. Cheese rumor. Despite what you might have heard, he did NOT kick kids out of the place - in fact, he's never even been there. He also used that as a segue to tout the fact that he's actually nice. Yes, for real.

"When I walk up to people, they say 'wow, you're like nice,'" he explains of their surprised reaction. "Like I'm walking around and turning over furniture everywhere I go just because I had a period in my life where I expressed my frustrations for not being able to create in other fields."

Fortunately, he's been able to do that more recently, so hopefully that means no more stealing the mic during award shows.

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