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I Was Cyberbullied. This Is My Story.

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My best friend of 10 years (since third grade) decided to go off of a rumor that my other best friend started and wasn't even true to claim that she hated me. This was the last four weeks of our senior year in high school. Here goes:

The week before prom, I found out my grandfather, whom I was closer with than my actual father, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and had weeks - maybe months - to live. That same day, my best friend since sophomore year (we'll call her, Jenn, to protect her privacy) texted to ask if I wanted to hang out. I told her the circumstances and that I couldn't, and she didn't reply for a while.

Then I received the following texts:

Jenn: "Guess who won't let me in their prom group?"

Me: "(Names two girls who she is angry with)"

Jenn: "Yeah! I need new friends, all of mine suck!"

Me: "...Thanks."

Jenn: "Well it's true."

Me: "Maybe you should act like a friend in order for others to be a friend to you."

-No Reply-

The next day I received multiple texts from people all over the school, asking me why I egged Jenn's car and saying how rude I was. The one that hit me the hardest was my best friend of 10 years (alias: Molly). The conversation went like this:

Molly: "Did you egg Jenn's car?"

Me:"No why do you think that?"

Molly: "Well, apparently you two fought last night and she said you did it. It's not like you haven't done that before..."

Me:"What the hell are you talking about?"

Molly: "Remember when someone put pads all over my car sophomore year? I know it was you."

Me: "I didn't touch your car, I'm kind of sick you think I would do that to you..."

Molly: "Everyone knows that you're nothing but a liar and you always have been."

Me: "Where is this coming from?"

Molly: "I think it's time you fessed up to your mistakes. You lie all the time and that's why you have no real friends."

I then texted Jenn:

Me: "I promise I didn't do anything to your car."

Jenn: "Whatever McKenna, you're sick."

At this point I was in my first hour class, still trying to swallow the news about my grandfather, and now trying not to cry in front of everyone (I failed at that last part and ended up sobbing by a tree outside the classroom). My group for prom was all very close, including me, so when one person had a problem with someone, so did everyone else. I was automatically shunned from my high school friend group.

Fast forward an hour or two, I get a text from my mother:

"The student resource officer (SRO) just called me and I had to confirm you were with me last night?"

I knew exactly what happened, and it wasn't until I got a note from our SRO a couple minutes later that I realized my best friends were really trying to get me in trouble for something I had absolutely no part of. I had to go down to the office, confirm my alibi and go to class crying...again.

After Jenn never got her "justice" for me, she took a new form of evil. Around 5 p.m., I began receiving phone calls and texts telling me what a sick person I am, that I'm an "a**hole," and the worst blow: A couple people told me I was better off dead and should just do the job. It wasn't until some "kind" soul sent me a picture of a post on Ifunny saying: "This person egged my car and caused damage to the paint, PLEASE call and text to mess with them. Thanks!"
I broke down, called my mom sobbing, and I didn't know what to do. I still don't understand how people can be so freaking cruel. This was all because they assumed I egged a girl's car and basically tried to ruin my life. I took it to our SRO, and he didn't do anything, neither did my school counselor nor my principle.

This all happened the week before prom. My date was part of that close-knit group, and the next day, I got a text saying that he "couldn't find a tux" when earlier he told me he had one. He ditched me along with all of my friends. Long story-short, I went to prom alone. BUT I STILL WENT AND HAD A BLAST. (Don't ever let people think they can ruin you.)

The Wednesday after prom, my friend texted me in the morning to say that she heard Jenn and Molly gloating about how they got my date to ditch me and watched me have to go alone. I regret my decision after this because after school, I confronted Molly and lost it. I cried, asking her why she would do this and "What kind of sick human being takes pleasure in others torment?" That was when her boy toy came up and began yelling at me, saying how I didn't matter and that everyone was tired of me. I got in my car and left.

Worst four weeks of my high school career.

But I have since forgiven them and moved on with my life because if I were to keep bitter, they would win. I have all the friends I need, I'm going to a great university, and I have an awesome job. I don't have to see them, and I don't let them interrupt my daily life, ever.

My advice to anyone who is being bullied in any type of way: You are better than them, that, and all the crap they are putting you through. I know it seems like there's no light at the end of the tunnel, but there is. It's when you succeed and they have to live knowing what they did to you.

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