Miley Cyrus Launches #InstaPride Campaign to Celebrate Transgender People

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Miley Cyrus is nothing but a big ball of awesomeness and love. How do we know? Because home girl just teamed up with Instagram to help non-cis people share their stories.

Miley kicked the whole movement off on Monday by introducing the #InstaPride hashtag. That definitely got things going!

"I'm launching #InstaPride today, in partnership with @Instagram, to share stories of transgender and gender expansive people from around the country," Miley wrote on Instagram, accompanying a photo of smiley-faced balloons.

"Over the next 2 weeks, you'll meet them and the people in their lives who support them, as we highlight their stories of resilience."

This whole thing is supported by her Happy Hippie Foundation, an organization that offers services to homeless and LGBT youth. Miley has been vocal about her own gender fluidity and sexuality lately. It makes sense that she's the one who invited different people around the country to take part in the project. She was even the photographer for the Instagram portrait series!

To kick things off, she shared the first #InstaPride hashtag story and it is of Leo Sheng, a transgender man who has been transitioning for the past year and a half.

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For the past year and a half, my Instagram photos have been about my transition-filled life, graduating high school, starting college, making new connections," said Leo, a 19-year-old film student living in Michigan.

"But the most obvious theme has been my transition from female to male. For me, a picture really does say a thousand words."
Of his photoshoot with Miley, he wrote, "I can't remember the last time I've been in a room with so much love, pride and respect for everyone's journeys. I hope that my portrait can inspire those who have the ability to share their own stories to find their voices. If there's anything that the last few years have taught me, it's that living an unapologetic existence is the most freeing thing you can do."

"I spent so much of my life uncomfortable with who I was and afraid to move because I didn't want to stand out any more than I already did," Leo said on Miley's Insta (above).

"This last year as I've been transitioning, there've been a lot of moments when I truly felt free to be myself: the moment I woke up from top surgery, the day the bandages came off, my first shot of testosterone. Sometimes, I'll be out in public with my family or just hanging around with friends, and I remember that I'm no longer having to hide anything about who I am. I'm not afraid to move anymore and I know who I am. Everything about me right now is exactly as it should be."

Miley is just one of the many celebs taking part in the Pride events going on right now. She's already done so much cool stuff to bring on awareness, we can't wait to see what else she comes up with. She actually just promised an upcoming project with Caitlyn Jenner!

Matching tats with @isupersheng 💪⚓️#happyhippiepresents #instapride @instagram @happyhippiefdn

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