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Shopping Isn't Always Materialistic

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Good deeds go a long way. I still remember six years ago when I was given a good deed. Church service had just ended, and the sermon was about exactly that: good deeds. A woman a few years older than me with a couple of toddler kids approached me and introduced herself. She told me that she'd been watching my sister and me for a couple of weeks (in that totally non-stalker way), and she knew we had it pretty rough at home. She told me that she felt a lead to do a good deed for someone that day, and she felt a pull toward us. So, she asked my dad if she could take the two of us shopping and spend $100 on each of us! I'd never had such an extravagant shopping experience. I thought I was going to die.

But it wasn't just the shopping, it was the fellowship, too (I was just talking about Church, I don't know). We spent the whole day with her and had a bunch of girl talk. I remember talking about our crushes over french fries and gushing about how cute her little boy was. We tried on a bunch of clothes and quickly established what styles and colors looked best on us. And it was just so nice to get to be a girl. Plus, I was finally able to get this $50 Hello Kitty purse I'd been saving up for forever, and she thought the guy at the Sanrio store might've had a crush on me.

So, I'm just saying, you never know when somebody might need to get away from home. Maybe you don't have money to donate to charity, or time to volunteer, but you will always have friends that need to get away for a girls' day - and our good deeds go a lot farther than we think.
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