This Girl Is Not About to Be Stood Up on the Kiss Cam

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If this was a first date, it's safe to say there definitely won't be a second!

This girl was enjoying a New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden with her date when the Kiss Cam landed on them and he was having none of it. He had his head so buried in the phone that he didn't even look up when she tried to get his attention.

So, what did she do? She kissed the guy on the other side, who seemed all too willing to give the Kiss Cam what it was looking for.

Could it be a stunt? We've all been duped too many times to believe everything we see, but the person who took the video told The Blaze that it looked like the real deal.

"I was filming the kiss cam as it was the first time I've ever been live to see one," he explained. "Most people went along with it and kissed their partner. However, this event suddenly happened and I was shocked that she did that as I thought she was the girlfriend of the first guy."

He said it appeared to be truly "spontaneous" and that the 'too busy to kiss' guy stood up like he was ready to confront his girl's impromptu makeout partner, adding that "his face was bright red for the rest of the game."

We don't know what the final score of the basketball game was, but that stranger definitely went home the winner that night!
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