This App Makes Binge-Watching Netflix All Night Good for You

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Who says binge-watching Netflix all night is bad for you? Maintain your beauty - and your shows - with the new computer app f.lux. When binging-watching The Vampire Diaries every night (how else will you get through the summer hiatus?), have you ever noticed how the screen is super bright and your eyes start to hurt? F.lux takes this necessary streaming evil and boots it with cloudware that adjusts the color of your computer screen based on the time of day and how bright the sun is.

Think about it: It makes sense that your eyes hurt at night - they aren't supposed to be staring at the sun until 3 a.m., which can be an average bedtime for any streaming binge-watcher. Don't worry, you won't receive any judgement here.

Here's the science behind it: A recent study by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences states that watching videos on your computer, or reading on a tablet like an iPad, makes you sleep worse than if you didn't stay up late reading Mockingjay on your Kindle app to gear up for the new The Hunger Games movie. Some of the stats from this study say that your body produces 55 percent less melatonin (what makes your beauty sleep smooth sailing), and your body takes longer to fall asleep - and even longer to wake up and be alert. Ah, so that's why we're so crabby in the morning before coffee.

Aside of the beauty and health perks of this app, the technology behind it is pretty wicked. Users can filter out the type of settings they need with f.lux's "f.luxometer" based on their geographic location and sleep cycle. The f.luxometer also lets users filter by device, allowing for the appropriate settings.

Still not convinced? Think of the perks:

  • No more squinting at your computer screen at night. Bye, bye, premature wrinkles!
  • Guilt-free binge-watching. Now you can spend your summer catching up on your favorite shows premiering this fall.
  • More guilt-free ammo: You can brush off your friends' judgement of your Facebook status updates at 4 a.m. about who Rory's true love is, because you're obviously re-watching Gilmore Girls for the fifth time.

Download the app on your devices for free at


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