Deep Fried Starbucks? Latest Fair Food Creation Will Blow Your Mind

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You can literally deep fry anything these days. Case in point, deep fried Starbucks is something that, as strange as it sounds, actually exists. How do you deep fry coffee, anyway?

Leave it to a county fair to come up with this brainchild. After all, fairs have made quick fried goodies out of the likes of Twinkies and candy bars, to name just a couple. The San Diego County fair introduced the deep fried Starbucks coffee bites which, while an exciting proposition, had us wondering if the coffee grounds contained within the fried dough wouldn't be oddly crunchy.

Yum? Ew? Well, it's topped with whipped cream, too, which automatically makes anything better, let's be honest. The San Diego Union-Tribune describes the treat as "a doughnut hole with a Starbucks coffee bean stuffed inside," adding, "The coffee bean is mixed with chocolate, encased in dough, deep-fried and rolled in sugar."
yum gif emma stone easy a shared one of their reader's comments who gave it a whirl: "We are idiots and got the fried coffee just to see what it was like. They were horrible."

She added, "Dry and grainy coffee grounds like that mouthful you get at the end of the last cup of a pot. No one would ever get them twice so clearly it's just a novelty meant to get a lot of mildly adventurous people like us to give them $7."

Meh. We'd still give them a try.
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