How to Get a Whole New Wardrobe Without Breaking the Bank

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Have you ever looked at your closet and just felt like everything in it was so... stale? It happens to me at least twice a year, usually after I realize that I'm starting to wear the same exact outfits week after week. Unfortunately, most of us aren't Kardashians — we can't just splurge on a whole new wardrobe every time our formerly favorite black dress is making us feel a little bit blah. Fortunately you don't have to drop a ton of bucks to nab yourself some cute new clothes. Here are some tips for scoring some new wardrobe pieces without completely depleting your savings account:

1. Gather friends for a clothing swap.

Chances are if you're bored with your own clothes, some of your friends might be, as well. But just because the pieces you have aren't exciting you anymore doesn't mean that they won't give your friends some joy — and vice versa. Have your pals bring over a bag of clothes that no longer do it for them and see what stuff you guys can trade with one another. After all, one girl's trash is another girl's new favorite mini skirt.
2. Hit the thrift.

Sure, it's nice to walk into a store and buy an outfit straight off a mannequin, but that's definitely not the only way to score amazing clothes. If you've avoided thrift stores, now is the time to officially stop. Thrift stores often have big brands at a waaaay discounted price, and many stores (like Crossroads) also sell some surplus items, a.k.a. things that bigger stores overbought. You might have to hunt a little harder than you would at, say, Bloomingdale's, but it'll be well worth it when you score a mega discount.

3. Get crafty.

Instead of going out and buying a whole bunch of denim shorts to lounge around in this summer, why not hit up Pinterest for some creative ways to turn your old jeans into cute cutoffs? You can do the same for old tees into cute tanks.

4. Sell your own stuff for credit.

Remember those clothes that you're so tired of? Lots of consignment shops, like Buffalo Exchange, will take your old stuff and offer you either cash or store credit. At many stores, you'll receive a bigger percentage of credit on the selling price of your clothes than you would if you opted for cash, so if it's a new wardrobe you're coveting, why not ask for the money in credit so you can stock up on new things you'll love?

5. Make the most out of sales.

Just because you're shopping retail doesn't mean you have to blow all of your cash. Sign up for your favorite stores' mailing lists and keep an eye on things like flash sales and other discounts. Another tip? Make an online shopping cart or wish list of stuff you want and let it sit for a few days — you might be able to score a discount in the time before you purchase!
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