Kim Kardashian's Letter to Her Future Self Has a Powerful Message for All of Us

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At Kim Kardashian's Glamour cover shoot, the reality star sat down to write a letter to her future self, which is not to be opened until 2025 and it's surprisingly empowering.

We thought it was just going to be funny - and there is plenty of that - but she touches on some seriously important subjects, like loving your body. "When it comes to how you feel about your body, remember to be kind to yourself and enjoy how you look now, because you're not getting any younger," she wrote, for herself to be reminded of in 2025.

We love that concept because any time you're not feeling your hottest, remember that in 10 or 20 years, you would give anything to go back and look the way you did right in this moment. No matter what age you are, stop and appreciate it and embrace it, because you'll look back one day and long for it.

The rest of the letter outlined Kim's hopes for her sisters and she shared some really sweet sentiments in there, too. Like wanting Khloe to fall madly in love and find her happily ever after.

And whatever is cool in 2025, Kim still wants to be that. "Are the terms bae and on fleek sooooo 2015? If not, am I still on fleek?" she joked.

Of course you will be, Keeks!

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