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2 Life Lessons I Learned From Going on Blind Dates

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I am never the confident one when it comes to relationships. I have never met one of my boyfriends on my own. Either friends or family members set us up. I've been asked on blind dates twice, and each time, I couldn't have been more terrified.

My first blind date was in 2009 when I was a junior in high school. I had just ended a two-month relationship, and my friends decided that a blind date would be fun. After school, I met with this high school senior for my first blind date, and those first 20 minutes remain the most awkward of my life.

We met at a patisserie and exchanged nothing more than a few occasional smiles as none of us had done anything like this before. I broke the ice and asked him how it was to be a senior, and we spent the next two hours talking about life goals, college applications and life in general.

In 2013, after ending a two-year relationship, I was talking about boyfriends with my friends, and this time, I asked them set me up on a blind date. I ended up going out with a college graduate who was living his life to the fullest and was my complete opposite, which made us argue a lot. We didn't talk for long as I felt uncomfortable, so I just left. We never met again.

Although I have had only two blind dates, this is what I learned:
  1. Meeting someone by yourself is tricky; making a relationship work is tricky. Leaving when you are feeling uncomfortable with someone is NOT tricky. It's actually pretty easy if you just follow your gut.
  2. Standing up for yourself is required nowadays, whether that's in a blind date or life in general.

Don't EVER let anyone make judge of values about yourself.
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