People Are Losing Their Minds Over This "Sleeping Beauty" Prom Arrival

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And the award for best prom entrance we've ever seen goes to....

Ashvonn Russell, who felt a limo wasn't enough and showed up to her prom in the Bahamas in an ambulance. And that was just the beginning.

Giving her arrival a 'Sleeping Beauty' theme, Ashvonn was wheeled out on a stretcher in a satin and lace dress with her hair and make-up snatched. Her eyes were closed and she laid there as the ambulance lights flashed and her date, (Prince Charming) Johnny Auguste, walked over to give her a kiss her on the cheek.
Once he did, Ashvonn woke up and more than likely hopped off and strutted her way into prom. We're guessing this, considering her pose in one of the photos screams 'I'm giving you all types of fabulousness right now (and please peep my red clutch).'

According to Buzzfeed, the teen decided to take her entrance up a notch after a local Key Club for three different high schools on the Abaco Islands put on a "Best Entrance" contest for the dance. Ashvonn told the site she's an artist who likes to "think outside the box."
This is evident in all of my paintings and drawings, which are mostly inspired by fairy tales," she said. "Sleeping Beauty with a modern twist captured my interest for my prom entrance." It's not clear if she won the contest or not, but, if she didn't...who did?

Not surprisingly, news of Ashvonn's ambulance prom entrance hit social media, with Twitter user @CaptainPajamas getting over 7,000 retweets after he posted a few shots. The pics got a range of reactions from "Lmfao" to "Brilliant," "let's do this," and simply..."nah."
Meanwhile, Ashvonn is shutting down the haters with her own message. "I can never apologize for being artistic and creative because that's what makes me who I am," she said. "To those that have creative minds like myself, do not let the negativity stop you. Always dare to be different.


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