Tyler Oakley Disses Liam Payne? Fandom Jumps to Liam's Defense

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Hell hath no fury like a pissed off One Direction fan. Seriously, don't upset the fandom or there will be some serious fallout to contend with.

That's what YouTube star Tyler Oakley found out when he explained why he doesn't follow Liam Payne on Twitter (but Liam follows him). A fan asked why not, and he responded: "It's important to keep my timeline flawfree."

Oh no he didn't. (He did.)

As you can imagine, a s**tstorm of angry comments were aimed at Tyler, as loyal Liam supporters came forward to fight the good fight, with the hashtag #liamdefensesquad.

As these things go, some of the comments got pretty mean and hatery. We're all One Direction af, but death threats and hateful comments are a little too extreme.

Tyler's comment about keeping things "flawfree" is likely referring to Liam's support last year of Duck Dynasty despite one of the show's stars making a homophobic comment. At the time, Tyler had tweeted: "Wow. Very confused and disappointed by this @Real_Liam_Payne tweet. This literally changes everything..."

He added, "If you defend someone actively supporting bigotry, homophobia, and ignorance, we're not on the same wavelength to even have a discussion."

Liam has steered clear of any drama over Tyler not following him - we suppose with fans coming to his defense, he doesn't have to say anything, right?

Sooo, are you Team Tyler or Team Liam? liam payne tyler oakley diss
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