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Why You Should Not Take the Belly Button Challenge

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The newest Instagram trend is nothing more than another way to make us feel unhappy with our own bodies, so that we can feel accepted by society. Ladies, I present to you, the Belly Button Challenge.

It started in China as the result of an false unknown U.S. study, which claims that if you place one of arms behind your back and can touch your belly button with one finger, then you are your ideal weight. If not, better hit the treadmill, girl.When I first saw an article about the Belly Button Challenge in Marie Claire, I decided to write this blog post - not because I wanted to see if I should lose weight or if I was the "ideal" body type. I love my body, and it's taken a lot of effort for me to feel this way. Yes, although I might look like I have NOTHING to be concerned about, let me clarify that I do. I still suffer from low self-esteem, and sometimes, I still gaze in the mirror, pointing out all of my flaws.

The silver lining to this silly Belly Button Challenge is this kid who proves that EVERYONE can touch their belly button.

Later, he admitted that he did it with help of a friend, who was hidden behind him (I thought that hand looked different!). He added that he took the pic to make everyone feel accepted and good about their weight. Kudos to you, kid! You are an inspiration!

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