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You're Never Too Old to Play Dress-up

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I love dress-up. My niece and I play it all the time. To celebrate her sixth birthday, we hosted a dress-up party. We played around in all her princess dresses, which seems impossible for a 22-year-old to do. But I just had to keep my clothes on underneath and leave everything unbuttoned.

Think an adult is too old to look like Belle from Beauty and the Beast?


Nobody can ever tell you you're too old for something. I still sleep with a teddy bear - granted it's the 1D varsity jacket teddy bear - but my sister and I have found a grown-up way to play dress-up that will make you feel good.
If you want to do something with your girlfriends on a Friday night and you don't want go clubbing (but still want to feel pretty), grab your group and run to the mall! Well, I mean, you can drive, or take the bus, of course.

My sister and I have found that when we just want something to do, even when we don't have any money to spend, nothing is better than trying on new clothes. I like seeing how I look in new trends, or colors I've never seen on me.

Find a store that doesn't mind a bunch of rowdy girls soliciting, grab all the clothes you find interesting and get into the largest dressing room together. Just have the biggest dress-up party! Most stores in the mall won't mind you doing this at all. They know that a large percentage of the kids don't have any money, and the employees are going to be there no matter what kind of customers come in. If you find some really nice employees, they'll give you great compliments, too!

Make sure you bring a camera with you because you're going to want to capture your memories with your girls. Just don't capture anybody in their underwear! And make sure you have everyone's consent before you go around posting online. But make silly faces, and I'm willing to bet you will.

Dressing up is a great way to figure out what type of clothes and colors look best on you. Doing it with your friends gives everyone the chance to build each other's confidence up. And honestly, what's better than that?

If your mall happens to have one of these seven stores, they won't mind you sampling some of their awesome beauty products if you do decide to go dancing later that night.
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