11 Fashion Problems Only Tall Girls Will Understand

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There are certain fashion perks to being super tall. After all, who wouldn't want legs for days or Karlie Kloss's height? But when it comes to shopping and trying to buy new clothes? Completely different story. For tall fashionistas, the #struggleisreal.

When the answer to the age old question "Is this a shirt or a dress?" is always shirt. Always. 

Feeling like a tree when standing in your heels with friends for prom pictures

Getting excited because that super cute skirt you ordered online is actually long enough

Sacrificing jeans that fit in the waist in order for them to be long enough

That floaty, oversized romper? It was definitely designed to be floaty and oversized on someone a lot shorter than you.

You've kind of just come to the terms with the fact that long sleeves will always end up being 3/4 length sleeves on you. Sigh. 

That "one-size-fits-all" dress? Not so much. 

Seeing all the cute shoes on the sale rack in smaller sizes, only to find the 10s and 11s section is completely picked over. 


Unless you have equally tall friends (and if you do, score!), that whole "raiding your friends' closets" thing is not an option. 

You're REALLY happy about the cropped ankle jeans trend - mostly just because that's how all jeans look on you. 

Even after so many maxi dress fails in the dressing room, you still won't give up hope that there will actually be one long enough for you. 


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