Design Your Own Sweater - No Knitting Needles Required

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Sliding the hangers across the rack at an alarming rate, you scan a sea of tops tumbling past your fingertips. Black, navy, black, weird frills, black, black, kaleidoscope of colors - wait! There it is!

You pull the brilliantly patterned sweater from the rest of that mediocre mess. Shrugging it on in the dressing room, you realize that seemingly on-point pattern is just a little off, resembling a Rorschach inkblot test more than an abstract work of art.

If only you could shift the seams, poke the print and make a little adjustment, this sweater would be the coolest thing in your closet.KnyttanKnyttan
Thanks to Knyttan, a central London-based clothing creation startup, now you can.

Knyttan's team believes the future of fashion means including you, the shopper, in the design process. By making mass customization available at scale, Knyttan aims to change the face of clothing creation as we know it.

So, how does Knyttan do that, exactly?

When you visit the site to pick out one of Knyttan's long-lasting, 100-percent Merino wool scarves or sweaters, you select the prints' colors, as well as the pattern's placement on the garment, which is then produced on a Stoll knitting machine - the same tool used by many of the world's largest clothing manufacturers. You make a piece that's uniquely yours in the process and even get your name embroidered on the tag as a designer!Knyttan
And don't worry if you're not as creatively inclined. It's impossible to mess up your piece. Though you have a final say in the design's details, you're still selecting from a list of pre-set options, meaning anything you create will turn out beautiful.

Scarves start at $120, while sweaters are closer to $300. Check out the video below to learn more:

Knyttan - Design from KNYTTAN on Vimeo.

H/T to Fast Co.Design.


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