Facebook's New "Moments" App Lets You Group and Share Photos Privately With Your Friends

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Let's be honest with ourselves here. A lot of people that we're "friends" with on Facebook are not actually our friends IRL. That being the case, we don't always want them all up in our business if we went to a party or a wedding or whatever.

Speaking of which, we've all been to events where everyone is taking a million pictures and you ask your friend to shoot you some of the photos "tomorrow or whenever you get a chance" and they full-on flake on you. Or, they'll just post the one group photo where they look uh-mazing and your eyes are freaking closed. Like, really?!

The good news is that Facebook's new "Moments" app is making it much harder for your flakey friend to not share photos because they make it so simple and now there's a whole new peer pressure aspect added to it, so just TRY and flake now, photo-hogging friend!

Basically, it creates a private photo album that you can share with only your friends - and your whole list of 3,000 FB "friends," but your ACTUAL friends. The app groups photos based on location and facial recognition and allows you to choose who you sync pics with. Then, you can snag the photos you want and you don't have to be stuck settling for the ONE eyes-closed shot of you that your friend posted from the event.

The video above explains how the whole thing works. We dig it.
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