This Drunk Groom Totally Ruined His Own Wedding

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You know what's not hot? When someone is drunk and fumbling all over themselves. Case in point: This guy, who sucked the sexiness right out of his own big moment when he had a bit too much booze and tried to give his new wife a lap dance.

The bride is visibly annoyed and we don't blame her one bit. It would be annoying enough if one of the wedding guests got drunk and caused a scene, but the groom? Something tells us these two got to 'enjoy' their first fight as a married couple this night.

The video was posted on YouTube, with the title "Congrats, You Married a Drunk" and has already racked up almost two million views in just a couple of days. Why? Because we're all cringing right along with this poor girl as she watches her 'perfect wedding' dream slip right through her fingers.

Kind of ironic that he was dancing to 'Danger Zone' because that's probably exactly where he found himself when his bride was able to give him a piece of her mind. Honeymoon in the dog house, party of one.
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