Woman Claims This Is 'Best Selfie Ever,' But Is It Technically a Selfie?

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Is this the best selfie ever taken? It is, without a doubt, a totally kick ass pic, but there's some debate over whether or not it can be considered a selfie.

The woman in the pic, Reddit user im_fairly_local, posted the pic of herself jumping into a pool on a giant inflatable whale. It's pretty amazing – the action shot shows her looking beyond happy before her whale of a friend hits the water.

She explained in the caption: "I took the best selfie ever using my Iphone's self timer." But...does using a phone's timer really count as a selfie? We've always thought selfie = holding the camera yourself or using a selfie stick. Call us crazy.

The Reddit user got a crazy amount of comments, questions - and yeah, some trolls and haters giving their two cents. She wrote a more involved explanation to answer some of the questions: "Hey Reddit! The response to this has been overwhelming! I have some things to say: 1. I have no relation to Apple, i don't work for them and this isn't some sort of advertisement. I only put Iphone in the title because i was trying to differentiate between a digital camera and a phone. I honestly didn't even think about that until people accused me of secretly working for Apple lol 2. Argue what you want, self portrait, selfie whatever, point is i did take the photo. 3. No Reddit, i don't have any friends. I sit at home by myself eating cheetos all day long. (sarcasm) 4. I took 4 photos of 10 bursts (super quick photos) set on a 10 second self timer 5. Thanks for all the wonderful comments! Its pretty hard to respond to all of them but i'll try to pick some 6. Lastly, No, i'm not Asian, and no, i'm not Joseph Gordon-Levitt, although i wish i was!"

So, do you think she totally nailed it? Or is calling it a "selfie" kind of a stretch?
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