Zayn Malik Leaked Song Sparks Naughty Boy and Mic Righteous Feud

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You didn't think that song featuring Zayn Malik that was leaked the other day would go down without some drama, now did you? And you certainly could have guessed that good old Naughty Boy would somehow find his way into the mix. Because of course.

So, to back up, Zayn's collab with Mic Righteous, a cover of "No Type," was uploaded by the rapper. It was later removed and some Twitter ranting went down between Mic Righteous and Naughty Boy, as Naughty claimed the track wasn't finished and was stolen from his hard drive.

We couldn't make this stuff up if we tried, tbh.

Mic Righteous took to Facebook to explain the whole thing, writing: "The fact naughtyboy straight up acted like he never knew me, and said i stole the song from a hard drive in his studio (when me, him and Zayn sat there and recorded it together) made it clear to me these fame hungry fatties only wanna be around you if you hot."

In another post, Righteous explained:

"I'm sat here with my thoughts, no PR company around me, no lawyers, no marketing team, just my son asleep next to me.

Last night I decided to put out a record I made with fellow artist and friends Naughty Boy and Zayn Malik with no serious intention of release to start creating some movement for my up and coming album. Following that leak my former friend and publisher threw me under a bus by publicly denying having any involvement with me being on the record."

Mic Righteous further talked about how he "spent months on end contacting him in regards to my album (which I have personally funded at great expense) with no response."

You can read his full statement below, but he notes, "At this moment in time I am unaware of the implications my truth telling will have on my career but I know this is something I have to do for my fan base who I have neglected, my family and team who have seen me struggle but also for myself."

Im sat here with my thoughts, no PR company around me, no lawyers, no marketing team, just my son asleep next to me....

Posted by Mic Righteous Official on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

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