10 Ways the Fashion #StruggleIsReal for Petite Women

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Being a shorty (no, not that one) definitely has its advantages. From having the best selection in the shoe department to getting way more wear out of shorts and miniskirts than our long-legged counterparts, short girls everywhere can attest that good things definitely come in small packages. Still, sky-high platforms and donning maxi skirts as dresses can only take us so far - before we're eying up-to-there legs with a little envy. Ahead, 10 fashion problems only shorts girls will understand.
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1. Maxi Madness

Short of throwing on a tiara, the quickest way to add regal prestige to your summer ensemble is the maxi skirt - unless you're short, in which case a maxi dress is more likely the quickest way to the floor. The majestic look rarely fits short gals properly, meaning the dragging hemline is one dangerous adversary.
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2. Down-to-the-Ground Pants

Most pants are just way too long for short girls. Having to hem your pants is such a pain, but if you don't, you end up fraying the bottoms. #theshortstruggleisreal

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3. It's Tough to Wear Flats to Formal Events

Remember when Karlie Kloss made headlines for wearing flats (and killing it) at the CFDA Awards? Yeah, short girls have a tough time pulling the comfy heel-alternative off without looking like their pre-pubescent sister. When it's time to get professional, the pumps are coming on!

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4. Oversized Sweaters Overwhelm You

Pretty much oversized anything is not going to be a flattering option when you're on the shorter side. Whether it's a sweatshirt, cardigan or loose-fitting blouse, the baggier it is, the more you get swallowed up by it. Fitted again? Alrighty, then.


5. Leggings Get Bunchy

The athleisure trend is a favorite this season, and high temps make swapping pants for leggings pretty tempting. But leggings always seem to be a little too big on less leggy gals, leaving unflattering bunches around the ankles, no matter what we do!

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6. Accessories Are a Tricky Mistress

Like an oversized sweater, accessories also have the ability to drown a short girl underneath the sparkle. Want to layer your trinkets boho-style? Don't even think about it!

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7. Long Sleeves Just Don't Look Right

Like pant legs, long sleeves on shirts never seem to end where they're supposed to. Nothing cuddly about sleeves that resemble a Kracken from the depths of the sea.

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8. Knee-length Coats Never Are

Did you want a ladylike peacoat that hits right at your knees? Well, good luck! Every "knee length" coat always looks like way more of an '80s duster than you intended.

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9. High-Waisted Pants Are Mid-Chest Pants

Unless you're a pro when it comes to finding the vintage gems in the back of your local thrift store, store-bought, "vintage-inspired," high-waisted shorts tend to have an Urkel effect.


10. Drop Waists Are No Good Either

You'd think the opposite of high waist might work for the shorter gals, but sadly, this isn't the case, either. Twenties-style, Great Gatsby-era frocks fall way lower than a normal waist, making it look like your Sunday Best was borrowed for dress-up from mom's closet.

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