Brave Man Shares Video Showing the Aftermath of a Panic Attack

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Anxiety sucks, and that's exactly what Casey Throwaway wanted to tell people in this brave video that he posted where he filmed himself right after he'd suffered a bad panic attack. "I'm a 27 year old man. Im tired of people telling me to get over it. People with anxiety can't just get over it," he shared in the caption.

In the heartbreaking two-minute clip, Casey shows what it really feels like to suffer from panic attacks. "I have them more than anybody should," he tearfully confesses. "I just wanted to make this show that it's real, ok?"

Since posting the video on June 4, Casey has received a ton of support and messages from people who are also struggling, thanking him for sharing his story. "Thankfully thousands of people from all over seem to find it comforting to know they aren't alone," he told BuzzFeed. "And I couldn't be happier about it or more driven to continue to try to end the stigmas around mental health issues."

He's a man of his word, too. Casey has already launched a KickStarter campaign to start a YouTube channel that will help raise awareness and 'help others who suffer from mental illness.' He's already raised more than double his original goal. Keep up the awesome work, Casey! And thank you, for sharing your story.
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