Burger King Is Selling a New Burger With Red Buns and Cheese

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Apparently, Burger King wants you to have it your way...even if that means whipping up a burger with red buns and red cheese.

It's not clear whose way that is, but, Burger King Japan is taking a chance on it any way and adding the 'Aka Samurai Chicken' and 'Aka Samurai Beef" sandwiches to the menu for a limited time. According to the Wall Street Journal, both have red buns, red cheese and chili flavored red hot sauce made from miso and hot pepper. To get the red color for the cheese and the buns, the fast food company added tomato powder.

This isn't the first time Burger King tried a little something different with its grub, though. Last year, it debuted an all-black burger with a black bun, black cheese made from bamboo charcoal, sauce made from squid ink and black-pepper heavy beef patties (let's just say it wasn't a hit). This year, that burger will have deep fried eggplant on it.The thing is...when you have to ask yourself if your meal was made for you or a vampire (are you listening Stefan and Damon?)...it makes it tough to want to run out (to Japan) and sink your teeth in one.
Still, we can't help but to wonder what's coming next? A bright blue burger? Yellow? Neon green? There are endless possibilities.

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