This Girl Can Literally Limbo Under Anything

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How low can she go? You don't even know...

While most of us struggle to shimmy under a waist-high limbo bar, this girl can get under pretty much anything you put in front of her - including a car! Yes, seriously.

Shemika Charles has broken all kinds of limbo records (including a Guinness World Record for the lowest limbo dance) and now she just became the first person to limbo under a car. And yes, it was a regular car, not one of those ridiculously-high raised trucks that you could basically walk upright underneath. This was a legit, regular car.

"It does take a lot of concentration, a lot of balance, a lot of breath control, persistence," she told Barcroft TV. "I must say I'm proud of myself today," she said, after getting under the car. "I can't believe that...I want to do it again!" And she did, with a plate full of stuff in each hand.

To give you some perspective on just how low Shemika can go, she can limbo at less than the height of a beer bottle. Think about that for a second.

While she got her limbo abilities from her mom, it has taken Shemika a ton of practice to perfect her art. She practices 4-6 hours a day and while she is already a world record holder, she is still reaching for new heights lows. She wants to set a record for backwards limbo and the furthest distance in the limbo position. Go get 'em, girl!
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