The Struggle! Blogger With Two Vaginas Also Gets Two Periods

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Many people were shocked when blogger Cassandra Bankson revealed she has two vaginas, and now she's answering all of your burning questions about her rare condition in a candid and personal YouTube video. And if you think your time of the month is the worst, poor Cassandra revealed she actually gets two periods every month.

"It sucks! It drives me nuts and it probably drives everyone around me nuts too because I am really a raging hormonal person," she explains. Girl, we feel for you!
Period memeCassandra also explains that she didn't realize that she had two vaginas for a long time because she always opted to use pads instead of tampons. Check out her video to hear what exactly her ladyparts look like and whether she'll be able to have kids or not.

We think it's awesome that she's so open and honest about everything that comes along with her condition...and we promise never to complain about our period again, bible!

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