Ditch Your Expensive Yoga Studio and Take Classes on Instagram

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Yoga is one of the most fun (and fashionable) ways to get your fitness on, and now you can practice on Instagram. Yogis around the world are leveraging the app to grow their audience and develop their brands. Who knew technology made to filter out your period pimples could also platform your business?

These fierce females have become Insta-famous in their own right, practically teaching yoga classes lensed through their favorite filter. On the flip side, us followers are benefiting. Can't get off work in time to make your 5:30 p.m. yoga class? Have a party to go to but only 30 minutes to work out? Maybe you just want to practice more challenging poses in private, so you're only falling on your face in front of yourself. Whatever your reason, these ladies have you covered.

Calling All Fierce Moms: @laurasykora

Not only does this yogi mom have a ponytail to die for, she has real woman curves and an awesome workout wardrobe. With over 1.1 million followers, Laura posts daily poses - most of the time with a description on how to perform them yourself. Disclaimer: that doesn't mean you'll actually be able to do them on the first try. I mean ...

Yes, that song was Eve's "Let Me Blow Ya Mind." If anything, follow this account for the soundtrack.

Classic Yogi: @kinoyoga

Kino MacGregor has been practicing yoga for a while and picked up on the trend to take her sutras to Instagram. Like @laurasykora, Kino posts daily challenges, but she includes detailed descriptions with each post on how to nail the pose, along with a yoga sutra. If you're a true yogi who loves to get into the science of it, Kino is your gal.

Also, that video was taken at Fontainebleau Miami Hotel, which is the trendiest of all party hotels. I wouldn't be surprised if she was actually teaching a class to Taylor and Selena at the same time this video was taken.

Mermaid Queen: @practiceindie

Shannon, owner of Practice Indie Yoga, spins her practice with a "you do you" philosophy, challenging followers to reflect on what makes them happy and to get out there and do it - all while holding a half moon pose. Follow her account for daily poses and weekly challenges, all with easy instructions. Oh yeah, and she calls her students, "yogi mermaids," because, why not? Mermaids are awesome.

Cali Livin': @beachyogagirl

Along with her unique online yoga subscription business, this classic Cali beauty features daily poses. Not only that, but she highlights a charity in almost every post she does, and who doesn't love that?

For the Ambitious: @robinmartinyoga

There are yogis who like to drink wine and do a downward dog or two, then there's this chick. Robin's also an acro yogi (Cirque du Solei type stuff), but posts traditional poses on her account daily. She spices things up, too, by practicing outside of the yoga studio.

Do more with your Instagram account other than checking out your favorite celeb's newest tattoo, and get in shape this summer. Happy posing!


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