Harry Styles Wants to Write Music For Movie Soundtracks?

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Is Harry Styles considering another career move? Here's an actual rumor that doesn't seem all that off base, considering Harry's been doing some songwriting recently – he reportedly wants to write movie soundtracks.

It could totally happen, right?

A movie industry insider tells Daily Star (via Unreality TV): "Harry writes a lot of music and loves movies." Welp, there you have it. Nah, we kid...there's slightly more to it than that, with the source revealing: "Getting good music into movies is a great stepping stone for any future projects, and would help gain a new audience outside 1D."

The report throws around Harry's "well documented" pen name, Mick Greenberg, that has been attached to songs he's written. Blah, blah, blah, it's hardly proof that he's jumping to movie soundtracks, but we'll keep an eye out for sure.

Anything is possible though and there's no doubt the 1D guys are looking to branch out. A source recently told People.com: "The boys know that by sticking together they can still pursue everything they want to do as a foursome, as well as individually. And there's no reason why they can't have lifetime careers both as a group and working on their own solo projects – just like the Stones."

Seriously, why can't they have it all?! Nothing's stopping them from being an amazing group while also pursuing side projects on their own.
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