With This App, You Can Actually Tune People Out

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I'm not sure what's worse: Learning the ending to the Game of Thrones finale (before I watched) in the break room from the intern making his cappuccino K-cup or waiting in line at the DMV. Yes, they are on the same level - the former possibly worse.

Thankfully, one of the latest Kickstarter successes has recognized this problem and developed an innovative and effective solution. They are earphones called Here (even the name is rad), and they are designed to control and enhance any and all live audio experiences. Whether it's shutting out a baby next to you on an airplane or rocking out to your favorite stage set at a music festival, Here is designed to make your life better through audio. The headphones are wireless, using Bluetooth to sync to an app on your phone where you control them.

"Here" are a few situations where you can use them:

"I Love Taking the Subway!"

That's what you'll be saying once you pop your Here-phones in on your way home from work, using the "volume knob" feature within the mobile app. You won't even acknowledge the girl next to you talking louder than necessary through Siri voice text because you'll be peacefully scrolling through Instagram and catching up on the latest with Kendall and Kylie.

Festival Queen

Florence and the Machine gave an epic performance at Coachella this year, and you thought her concert set couldn't be any better. Well, now it can with Here's Live Music Equalizer. This feature is built within the app, allowing you to set the right base level for your ears. You can even turn it down if your ears are burnt out from jamming all day. Just because your eardrums have turned in for the night, doesn't mean you have to!

Preset Your Audio Solutions

The mobile app also allows you to save certain presets, so you don't have to play with the volume knob trying to find the perfect setting you had the day before. Fly a lot? Set a preset for jet engine noises so you can sleep soundly on your ride.

Check out the Here team this year at Coachella testing out the prototype. According to their timeline, they should be ready for you and your fringe at next year's festival in Indio. It's never too early to start planning your Coachella accessories.


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