Is Justin Bieber Launching His Own Clothing Line?

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Should we be prepping ourselves for some swaggy swimwear? How about some swaggy shoes? Just kidding, we got jokes. But there's talk that Justin Bieber might be starting up his own clothing line.

We all know the Biebs has quite the wardrobe. Remember those low-crotch pants? How about those bright a** suits he wears? Why hasn't this guy created his own clothing line already?

Don't think Justin hasn't thought of it. He recently told WWD why he's holding off on the whole clothing project.

"I haven't lost that passion. It's just such a big deal," he said. "I just want to make sure it's perfect and right and take my time with it."

He even cites another megastar singer-turned-fashion-designer, Kanye West as a prime example of what his experience may turn out to be. "I know Kanye [West] has been working on his stuff for years and failed and came back and tried again and failed," he said.

"It's about trial and error and I don't know if I'm ready for that yet. Fashion's definitely really important, but I got to make sure I'm ready for the failing part of it because I know that comes with it. It's not easy. It's not like putting out an album."

As for what kind of clothes does Justin likes right now...or what we could expect? He said he's, "really into, like, drapy things, drapy sweaters, layering pieces." And his favorite brands include Calvin Klein (shocker) as well as Balmain.
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