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Sports Taught Me That My Big Body Is Beautifully Strong

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I've been involved in different sports both in and out of school for my entire life, and the different aspects of sports have changed and shaped my life in many ways. Sports taught me about commitment, what it means to be a part of a team and to have a group of people who are dependent on me. I couldn't just skip out on practices because by joining a team, I had made a commitment to my teammates, my coaches and to myself, and if I broke that commitment, I would be letting all those people, as well as myself, down.

Sports taught me how to set and achieve goals and how to work for what I want. When I ran track in school, I always wanted to beat my time from the year before, but I knew that I would have to practice harder and run more than the year before.

As I've progressed in my sporting career, I've also learned that sometimes we don't achieve our goals, sometimes things don't go as planned, sometimes we fail. Sports have taught me how to pick myself up after failure and that when things get tough, sometimes simply not quitting can be enough.

Sports have taught me to see my body as something strong. I no longer see big as bad. As my legs and butt grow larger, I get stronger, and as I get stronger, I get faster. I see my body less as a subject of someone else's gaze and more as something that is mine, that is strong, and that allows me to do incredible things.

I'm a somewhat anxious and introverted person, but I found it extremely helpful, especially as a teenager, to be involved in a sport where I had to be around a group of people who were all in the same situation, in a controlled environment. Through sports, I made friends and I became more comfortable in social situations outside of sporting activities, too.

Sports have changed and shaped my life. I've made incredible friends that I never would have met if we weren't a part of the same team. I've learned to work through the tough stuff and to commit and work towards my goals. Even just joining a team for one summer could open you up to new friends and new experiences, and there's nothing quite like getting some of your frustrations and stress out in a controlled way on the field, right?
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