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My Dad's Recipe For Success

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We have a new annual Pop & Princess Dinner at our church on Father's Day. My youth pastor was talking about needing to find somebody to cook the dinner for this year. My sister joked that she knew someone, and he said,"I do, too! Your pops! But I'm not going to make him work on his day."

My dad, in his 50s, graduated culinary school just last year. My dad and I spend a lot of time together watching cooking shows together now that we have cable. I remember one day, when my family was out, I found a marathon of Food Network Star. I spent the whole day watching it. Then, when my dad got home, he finished it with me. We were both hooked, and we put it on series record. Now we watch all of the cooking shows.

I love watching cooking shows with my dad, and I love eating his food. When we went to his year-end banquet, I probably ate 30 million of his salmon purée appetizers. Now, he's going after his degree in food business and looking for a new cooking job! I just wanted to use this Father's Day to say how proud I am of my father for following his dream even 23 years after he had kids.
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