Matt McGorry Schools 'OITNB' Fans in Father's Day Message

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It's not real - it's only a story. Basically, those are the words Orange is the New Black star Matt McGorry had for some OITNB fans who have relentlessly hassled the actor on Instagram over the past several days. Honestly, this is baffling – who would give Matt such a hard time after that beautiful feminist essay he posted on Facebook in April? Well, he's all good with us, but a few people who aren't at all pleased with his character's Season 3 storyline can't seem to separate reality from fiction. In response, Matt posted a photo of himself with OITNB co-stars and Dascha Polanco and Elizabeth Rodriguez that included a caption in which he totally schooled the unruly followers in the name of Father's Day.

Happy Fathers Day to all the real fathers out there! I am an actor and I play the fictional character John Bennett on the fictional television show entitled Orange Is The New Black. Here I am with actresses Dascha Polanco and Elizabeth Rodriguez who play make-believe mother-daughter characters named Dayanara and Aleida Diaz on the made up television program with me. They are not mother and Daugther in real life even though they and we play pretend characters that are sometimes even the opposite of who we are as real live people while not reflecting our real lives because it is not real. Moments before this photograph was taken I was even saying words that were written by another person, all the while pretending that my name was John Bennett and that his thoughts and actions were a result of my own brain! Weirdly, the words coming out of my mouth and the things I did in the story were not created by me at all! To make matters even more confusing, I am even dressed in fictional character John Bennett's costume (a costume is like fictional clothes) in this photograph that was taken on the television set and afterwards I went home to my apartment in New York City where I don't have a child because I'm not a father and have never worked in a prison and TV is not real life. #oitnb

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Uh, seriously guys? We're huge fans of OITNB and it's wonderful that others are just as invested in what happens between Litchfield Corrections Officer John Bennett and Daya (and their unborn baby!), but how awful is it that Matt is getting major crap IRL for the role he plays on TV? Perhaps, providing a detailed explanation for how acting works to a few overzealous fans is a small price to pay for being so talented at your profession that people can't separate you from your character.

Chin up, Matt — maybe, just maybe, this is the fans' way of letting you know you totally deserve to win an Emmy in 2016.

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