Brenda Song and Trace Cyrus Back Together? New Pic of Them Holding Hands

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Did Brenda Song and Trace Cyrus get back together? There's plenty of buzz that the former Disney Channel star may have reunited with her ex, after she posted this pic of them holding hands on a beach.

We're surprised Brenda and Trace would be dating again given how things got pretty heated between them after Brenda took to Instagram a month ago to set the record straight on some past rumors.

Brenda wrote at the time: "I usually never speak of my personal life, but I'd like to clear up some rumors. A few years ago there were rumors that I was pregnant and/or had a miscarriage. I just want to say that those rumors were not true. They were just lies and fabrications. I apologize for not clearing this up sooner and for the continual damage that these lies have caused @TraceCyrus."

She added, "We may no longer be together but I hope he can forgive me and I wish him nothing but the best."

Trace slammed Brenda, accusing her of making up fake pregnancy rumors, firing back with: "Yes they were lies THAT U MADE UP and told me, my entire family and all our friends."

He further dissed Brenda in another Instagram post, saying they weren't together because "she has been a pathological liar for years and lied to me about horrible things."

Wow. We find it hard to believe their relationship could recover from that, tbh, but it looks like all may be forgiven with this new photo, plus another of the couple on Trace's Instagram. Brenda has been commenting on his Instagram posts as well, writing on a bowling video: "This is the cutest thing ever haha."

They definitely look cozy in the pic, with Trace's arm around her as they hold hands (side note: how gorg does Brenda look?) - do you think they've reconciled and are dating again?

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