#CookingProbs Solved With This Futuristic Oven

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Remember in Back to the Future when Marty McFly's mom bakes a pizza in 5 seconds with her magic oven?

Well, that oven may finally be here. What a coincidence, too, since the year was 2015 in the movie...
The June Intelligent Oven, built by ex-Apple, GoPro and Fitbit engineers, aims to help even the most challenged of us in the kitchen. The June can do it all - well, close enough at least. It has a built-in scale, so as soon as you put your food in, it's weighed and the appropriate settings are automatically set for cooking.

But wait. How does it know what you're trying to cook? This oven has a camera - but it isn't just any camera. Built by the same guy who developed the iPad and iPhone cameras, this camera has a special algorithm (a fancy word for code) that sees what kind of food you're trying to cook. It then sets the appropriate cook settings based on that and the weight. Fun fact: The algorithm used is similar to the one used for Google Images. Yes, this oven is actually smarter than you. Like, way smarter.
Of course, the June has an app that shows the progress of your meal and alerts you when it's ready. While you're marathoning Orange is the New Black, you don't have to be interrupted by checking on your food. What makes this different than any other oven - or microwave for that matter - is that it caters to us with busy lives.

We love to host dinner parties - but we have yoga after work or class, then we need to get home in time to watch Scandal. Where is there room to make an actual decent meal? Lean Cuisines suck and have zero flavor, and grilling a steak is like solving an algebra problem - too many factors. The June presents itself as the perfect balance: compact and smart with the ability to make a decent meal in a short amount of time. Aside of the hefty price tag, the June might just be the full package.

Now, if it made pizza in 5 seconds, I would totes get out my credit card.

Will you be pre-ordering the June?


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