Blake Lively Opens Up About Motherhood: "I Get Pooped on Every Day"

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This might be the real reason Blake Lively changed her outfit ten times in one day.

Although the Age of Adaline star told Yahoo! she's enjoying motherhood, she also admitted it can get tough, adding, "I get, like, pooped on all the time, and barfed on. And if anything else did this to me, I would club it. But it's your baby and it's wonderful because even when it's tough, you just think, I'm so fortunate. That it's wonderful." She's giving us so many feels right now.

Blake also dished on the importance of putting her family first, saying, "My personal life has always been my priority. When I was on my show [Gossip Girl], it was completely consuming. I didn't have much room for a personal life, but I did everything I could to carve it out. And that didn't feel good, that I had to work so much at a job where you're outputting so much."

To get things back on track, she took a break when the show was over, but was sent the script for Age of Adaline just months after Gossip Girl ended. "When I read Adaline, I actually wasn't ready to go back to work," she said. "I wanted to take a bigger break. It had only been like seven months at that point, and I thought, I cannot not be in this movie."
Blake not only had to quickly back into the swing of things for her career, but she was also pregnant and struck by the thought of having to watch her child grow older and not age herself, as Adaline does in the film. "I thought I can't imagine sitting there watching my child at an old age, being forgetful, and knowing she's only got a few years left," she said. "As a parent, all you want to do is protect that. Your whole purpose of living is keeping that thing alive, and here you can do nothing."

"You're granted eternal life, and [your child]'s not," she continued. "So I imagine that would be really tough...And, you know, I didn't have (my baby) in my arms yet, but I had her in my tummy then. So, it was significant for me shooting this film and thinking of the mother-daughter relationship."

Now that little James is here, Blake is busy juggling her career and motherhood, even breastfeeding her baby girl at an interview once. Total super mom.

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