Is Taylor Swift Pulling a Katy Perry, Performing at the Next Super Bowl?

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Katy Perry is going to crap her pants when she hears this news. There's talk that her infamous "Bad Blood" enemy Taylor Swift is going to be performing at the Super Bowl next year.

We know, we know...not that big of a deal, right? Wrong. Katy performed at the football show last year, and everyone thought she rocked it. Is Taylor trying to outshine her by doing the next show?

According to, the NFL approached Tay's team with an offer for her to headline the halftime performance at the sporting event next winter. "It's hers to refuse," a source told them.

Taylor is supposedly fully on board with the idea, and "her team is working out the final details," says the insider. But there's still one little problem. Uh, Katy...duh!

"Her main holdup is performing the year after Katy Perry did it, but she also feels it's the right way to close out the '1989' chapter of her career." We think she should do it!

The two ladies have been in an ongoing feud with each other for years. Katy took a swipe at T-Swiz during her Super Bowl concert when she dressed her backup dancers in Tay's cutesy style. Taylor fired back by releasing her "Bad Blood" song and video that's supposedly about Katy. All of this comes because Katy allegedly stole Taylor's tour dancers from her...

The site is also saying that Taylor has already locked in who she wants to be her performance's director. But, the source added, "She's just waiting on financials from the NFL before signing on the dotted line."

We can't even deal with all of this right now. Seriously, how EPIC will a Taylor Super Bowl be? We're already thinking of all the surprises. You know, Calvin Harris on the tables...Selena Gomez dancing beside her. This ish could be cray. Katy, you might be in some serious trouble, trouble, trouble...
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