Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian Totally Matched at Cannes

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First Kylie Jenner matched her kicks to Tyga's on her way over to France, and last night in Cannes, she was twinning with her sister Kim Kardashian. Both babes rocked crop tops, high waisted briefs with see through dresses over top for the's Seriously Popular yacht party.

Being pregnant with her second baby isn't changing Kim's style yet, although she did say she's put on some weight. "I've gained like 15 pounds already!" she told The Today Show. "It's in my boobs right now. My boobs are huge!" Hey, it could be worse, but we bet Kim feels like this about her second pregnancy:
boobs memeKim also denied UsWeely's report that she and Kanye West, who are expecting their first son, implanted only male embryos. "I'm grateful just to be pregnant, and we would be happy with a boy or a girl," she says. That's what we like to hear...and when you make little girls as cute as North, who wouldn't be happy to have another one?

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